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Meet the and bios to come!


Signe Crawford - Alto Saxophone/Clarinet/Flute

Doc Thorson - Tenor Saxophone/Clarinet

Al Thompson - Bari Saxophone/Alto Saxophone/Clarinet

Jayne Morrison - Alto Saxophone/Flute

Kevin McCartney -Tenor Saxophone/Flute 

Jeff Fox - Tenor Sax


Kris Grier - Trumpet / Flugelhorn

Joey Lazzaro - Trumpet / Flugelhorn

Scott Sizer - Trumpet / Flugelhorn

Chris Sokol - Trumpet / Flugelhorn


Bonnie Booth - Trombone

Stephen Burdick - Trombone

Cindy Mackay - Trombone

Tom Hartig - Trombone

Jeff Dingle - Trombone





Jase Brown - Guitar

Derick Polk - Bass/ Bass Guitar

Kaarin McCann - Piano/Keyboards

Pete Harris - Drumset

Kevin McCartney- Conga/Percussion



Jessie Lee

Al Thompson

Joey Lazzaro

Scott Sizer



Kris Grier - Director/Band Coordinator

Bonnie Booth - Assistant Director

Jessie Lee - Bookings

Pete Harris - Rhythm Section Coordinator



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